FEB 2010

Entrepreneurial executive seeks full-time position with organization involved with personal or business productivity. Prefer minimum of 20% customer-facing time. Will relocate to non-arid climate.

Strengths: Attracting and retaining talent. Fluent with technology and process. Community building. Strategic. Calm under pressure. Enthusiastic. Appreciative. Realistic.

Managing Business Units  
Westgate Business Services, Everett, WA

Start-up providing real estate & finance services to failing banks.

  • Company-wide automation of 5 unique services via Salesforce & Netdocuments.
  • Architect of company technology systems with 90% cloud-based services, delivering low IT cost and scalability.
  • Designed company-wide document filing system universally adopted, cherished.
  • Staff: 3 direct reports | Budget: $200,000/year

COO / Co-Founder
Westgate Capital, Las Vegas, NV

Start-up developing, managing and financing real estate in the Southwest.

  • Bootstrapped company with business partner and $50,000 seed capital to $300 million in assets under management in 4 years.
  • Staffed, managed all operations including HR, Accounting, Legal, IT, IS, Admin.
  • Successfully developed 22-story high-rise in downtown Vegas for $140 million, $11 million under budget.
  • Staff: 7 reports | Budget: $600,000/year
Sales & Marketing Director
Streamline Tower, Las Vegas, NV

Finance, build and sell a 22-story high-rise in downtown Las Vegas.

  • Staffed and managed sales and marketing with my partner for 250 condos in re-gentrifying urban neighborhood.
  • Managed $12 million budget, competing with Trump Tower, W Hotel, etc.
  • Procured binding contracts on 60% of condos. Priced: $250,000 to $1 million.
  • Staff: 5 vendors | Budget: $12 million/project
Managing Projects  
Web Producer
iPrint.com, Redwood City, CA

First online print-shop. Consumer, corporate and private-label services.
IPO in 2000.

  • Design and implement features for website, backend, intranet, extranet, and co-branded sites including the product catalog.
  • Manage backend fulfillment including 14 order-processing apps (perl-based) processing up to 50,000 orders / month.
  • Designed and implemented systems to cost/track orders.
  • Staff: coordinated 7 depts | Budget: NA (dot-com frenzy)

Software Producer
Creative Wonders (Electronic Arts spin-off), San Mateo, CA

Licensed name brands for edutainment games.
Acquired by The Learning Co. and then Mattel.

  • Co-produced 30+ products (sku's) including Sesame Street CD-ROMs, selling 7 million worldwide.
  • Coordinated all aspects from start to finish including developers, academic consultants, licensors, usability, QA, design, operations, marketing coordination.
  • Simultaneously shipped 7 CD-ROM games on time.
  • Staff: 1 | Budget: $500,000 project average
Designer / Project Manager
Wavequest, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Designed and managed development of 2 side-scrolling health education games for Super Nintendo, diabetes and asthma education.
BS in Computer Science
  • Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
Fluent Spanish Speaker
  • Crossed the border daily to Mexico to attend Montessori grade school.

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