Riel Manriquez is an entrepreneurial executive focused on personal and small business productivity.

He is currently developing an online service for reviewing and shopping for cloud-based (SaaS) software.

Riel has worked at six start-up companies over 15 years, holding management positions in production, sales and operations. In 2003 Riel partnered with Dusty Allen to start a real estate management and finance company which soon grew to over $350 million under management. Together they completed their first development ever, a 22-story high-rise in downtown Las Vegas called Streamline Tower. In 2008 they build a company to help banks with their distressed real estate which managed over $150 million in assets on a cloud-based architecture designed by Riel.

Prior to running his own start-ups, Riel worked designing and publishing software. He was part of the team which produced and sold over 7 million award-winning software titles at Creative Wonders, the joint-venture eventually owned by Electronic Arts and Disney. He also managed the backend fulfillment systems for the internet's first print shop, iPrint.com, processing over 1 million orders.

Riel holds a computer science degree from Stanford University.

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