Kitty Spawn on the way

Just a note to explain the recent lack of updates:

I have a bun in the oven and have been super busy doing home renovations in order to prepare my house & a nursery for my spawn. The drop date is a little over a month from now, so from now until then (and probably a while after) I probably will not have enough time to make anything new or continue my current projects.

HAIR UPDATE / FIXES - 12.16.2011


I fixed the shininess issue that all of my frohawks had.  They should look significantly more matte now.  Also, I added some shading to the crevasse at the bottom of the hawk and increased the texture's contrast, which should improve the appearance... especially if used with lighter hair colors.

Please redownload (unless, for some reason, you like ungodly shiny hair).

Go Away, MS3B

/* rant */

I have asked MS3B to stop featuring my content because they were largely responsible for my lost interest in creating CC.

(Yes, I know they’re convenient! You know what else is convenient and doesn’t allow creators to be flamed and has a nice interface? Sims 3 Updates)

Pets Fixes/ Not Really an Update

The updates/fixes for Pets are complete.
I have run all of the files in the "Decor" section through the RigFixer by Grant Hess.  Please note that I do NOT have the Pets expansion, and I HAVE NOT TESTED whether or not the updated files actually work.  They should work, but if they don't, then there's not much I can do about it since I can't test the files myself.

Updating for Pets

I've been favoring real life to the Sims world for a while now, so I'm behind on all the latest jazz.

I have NOT updated my content for the Pets expansion. However, I WILL update it in the future. I just need to do a little research on how to get it done and then set aside a day/evening/whatever to do it and update all the downloads.

I will post again when the updates for Pets are complete.

Happy Coming Out Day!

I realize I'm a day late for this, but I just wanted to wish everyone out there a happy coming out day.

I added a small update today to celebrate. It's a small group of 4 gay-themed stencils for tees. Enabled for Teens-Adults, male and female.


UPDATE: PURRfect Sacrilege

While I like the aesthetic of saint candles, having all those religious icons around my virtual house gives me the heebie jeebies.  So, at century_eye's urging, I decided to go ahead and make a significantly less creepy version of the candles by photoshopping Louis Wain's cat heads onto their bodies.



This set contains 6 different candles.

+ Sacred Heart Kitty Jesus


^that is my lightsaber
Soooo, I just played KOTOR II with the Sith Lords Restoration mod installed, and WOW! The game is so much better with all the cut content that has been restored.  Atton Rand, you and Alistair can both be my co-video-game-boyfriends.

Wanna Buy Shit?

I took a couple more pics of another t-shirt.  This one is another American Apparel, size Small.

Updates from Lazyville/Ambitions Notice

I made several updates to the site today.  More gay stuff, some paintings of men's adventure magazines, and science scribbles.  It's all stuff that's just been sitting on my computer for the past month or so that I haven't uploaded due to one superficial thing or another--little irritation fixes like making sure the correct number of thumbnails were showing.


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